At CMC Fire Solutions we are a company dedicated to innovation, efficient engineering and safety in the development of fire extinguishing systems and therefore it is part of our priorities to offer customers high fidelity pressurization equipment and with the most demanding standards. quality, suitable for all types of extinguishing systems, equipped fire hydrants, hydrant columns, sprinklers or a combination of all of them. Compact equipment for constant pressure water supplies in closed circuit installations against fires.

All fire protection and extinguishing equipment consists of an auxiliary pressurization pump (jockey), and one or two main pumps, driven by electric or diesel motors. They are always executed with an auxiliary pump that guarantees the pressurization of the installation in periods of non-use. A suction and impulsion manifold, union and link accessories are assembled, added to the electrical protection and maneuvering panel and the control and instrumentation elements necessary for the automation of the equipment.

According to the corresponding regulations, the main pumps must start operation automatically, however they must stop manually.

CMC Fire Solutions, has in its stock a wide range of pressurization pumps and additional components to assemble a fire extinguishing system completely adjusted to the needs of your industry.