At CMC Fire Solutions you can install one of the most efficient oxygen reduction fire protection systems on the market; Through which you will save up to 50% energy and protect up to 48 areas.

The system consists of reducing oxygen until it becomes inert, so that the point of combustion of the vapors and / or materials becomes impossible, generated by the shortage of oxygen, thus avoiding the closure of the combustion circuit and therefore a fire or explosion.

In those cases where the installation area requires constant ventilation, due to the levels of heat or humidity in the air, we can adapt the system to work in conjunction with the ventilation system and condition the air before it enters the protected space. This system can be specifically manufactured to provide nitrogen capacities between 100 m³ and 3000 m³ per hour, according to the requirements of each client.

The reduction of the oxygen level is achieved by the controlled introduction of additional nitrogen into the protected areas, creating a hypoxic atmosphere.

The protected areas will continue to be accessible to staff, because the oxygen level is only reduced to 15% – 17%, which corresponds to the natural oxygen level at an altitude of 1,750-2,500 m. Unlike traditional fire suppression systems that generally extinguish fire after it is detected, hypoxic air can prevent fire.

Also the controller can be easily integrated into other systems such as: a complete fire alarm system and / or a building / warehouse management system.

Some of the most common applications of this fire prevention system are:

  • Server rooms / data centers
  • Refrigerated storage / Cold stores
  • Lithium ion battery storage
  • Hazardous Materials Storage
  • File storage
  • Museums
  • Cellulose storage

The oxygen level in protected areas can be set for specific situations and can be continuously measured and adjusted with the controller.

All protected areas are equipped with a digital display at the entrances, which among other information indicates the real oxygen level. To further enhance the level of security for personnel, all protected areas are equipped with a strobe light and an alarm horn to warn those present of any abnormality.

The system also benefits from its own control and monitoring software with automatic email notification system. This allows users to monitor and control the system remotely through a remote desktop connection.

Any event is also logged by the control unit and automatically forwarded to our service department or technical support service, depending on the preferred service and maintenance agreement.

The controller can be equipped with a backup battery and a UPS surge protector, to ensure full monitoring capabilities even in the event of power outages.