Hydropneumatic tanks are equipment in charge of bringing water under pressure to the entire system in which it is installed, depending on the industry.

Inside the hydropneumatic tank there is a membrane that stores water under pressure. Also, the tank has a space where it only has air. This air is what is responsible for expelling the water under pressure.

The pump is responsible for supplying the pressurized water into the tank which in turn is connected to a pressure switch. This switch turns the pump on and off depending on the pressure the tank requires.

Although a hydropneumatic system can be fairly complex in terms of installation, the main components consist of a few that we can summarize in the following list:

  1. A water pump
  2. A pressure tank pre-charged with compressed air
  3. Control elements
  4. Accessories

Regardless of the constitution of the hydropneumatic system, the function of the pump is to supply the water from the source, for example, a well, pond, cistern, etc.

At CMC Fire Solutions we can assemble your hydropneumatic system according to the needs and requirements of your company, with high quality aggregates and components, tested and listed with different regulations.