Square Drinking Water

The sectional panel water tanks are built with panels made of SMC (Sheet Molding Compound – For its acronym in English) by means of a hydraulic press at high temperatures (150 ºC) and pressure conditions to maintain better resistance.

By making use of stainless steel for the construction of the interior frame and plated steel for the exterior, the panel exhibits excellent resistance to erosion.

It is easy to install and mount on site, allowing the tank shape and volume to be tailored to the customer’s needs, without restriction, all based on site location and site climate.

It is also important to note that the more reliable the panels are, the more the cost of reinforcement can be reduced, thus allowing better water tanks to be made at lower costs.


Due to the construction material of this type of tanks, CMC Fire Solutions has the opportunity to make GRP panels in a variety of colors.

However, a large percentage of our clients install these tanks outdoors, exposed to direct sunlight, but if the GRP panels are translucent, the growth of algae and other microorganisms would accelerate.

After extensive testing and research, CMC Fire Solutions has adopted a panel to minimize this problem, completely opaque and does not allow any light to pass through.

Another situation that occurs with high frequency in steel tanks is the high thermal conductivity and the expansion of the steel coefficient. These characteristics can cause loosening of the panel connection bolts in areas with a wide temperature possibility.

Split water tank, Suitable for tight spaces

Water tanks that are used for multiple purposes at the same time require confined facilities or boilers. For example, a 16-ton water tank could be divided into two tanks, one that uses half (8 tons) for drinking water and the other half (8 tons) for service water.

If an installation is carried out as mentioned in the example, the maximum quantity must be 6 tons since for reasons of regulation, maintenance and operating space there must be a distance of 1 meter between them.

Concrete base

  • Customers must build a concrete base in accordance with the designated water tank specification and site firmness.
  • The resistance of the base concrete must be at least 180 kg / cm2.
  • The thinness of the mortar on the base concrete must be less than 20 mm.