Square Metallic (Not Potable)


1. These water tanks consist of four types of panels that can be customized according to capacity and local area.

2. The height of the water tank is generally set within 4 meters, however we can do custom engineering studies to reach up to 6 meters.

3. The modular structure of the water tank is strong and can be used underground and above ground, either for drinking water or for fire fighting.

4.The most common uses for this water tank are in hospitals, residences, soccer fields, supermarkets, airports, irrigation and specific places with high water shortages.

Modular water tanks are water tanks made of stainless and galvanized steel built with 3 different types of raw material.

Inside a stainless steel plate is placed, while the exterior is placed a hot galvanized plate with a layer of high modular interspersed.

With high pressure and high temperatures a new type of composite plate is formed.

This type of tanks could be applied underground and also above ground for rainwater harvesting, which very efficiently solves the tight earth problems by applying the underground water tank.


1. Storage of drinking water.

2. Agricultural irrigation.

3. Septic tanks and sewage tanks.

4. Distillation and process tanks.

5. Fire reserve storage, pool balancing tanks.

6. Hot water storage and chemical storage.

7. Collection of rainwater, well water, seawater.

8. Reverse osmosis (water with high or low conductivity)

9. Industrial processes, chiller water tanks, cooling tower water tanks