Rectangular Tanks

Within our options we design and install tanks for the storage of water in atypical places, where it is not regularly possible to assemble traditional cylindrical tanks. The materials to be used in their construction give us flexibility in the design, thus offering adaptability to the specific needs of our clients even in severe conditions.

The maximum height is up to 3 meters.

Our tanks are made of corrugated sheets of hot-dip galvanized steel.

The tank frame is fixed to a concrete base using galvanized brackets, clamps and parabolts, with similar stiffeners attached to the top of the tank frame.

The plates are assembled directly on site using overlapped joints and galvanized steel screws for silos. Sealing is achieved by applying a high pressure drying polyurethane putty to the joints and screws, in conjunction with a 150mm concrete sealant layer.

Our tanks have a low profile corrugated galvanized steel roof, which has a coating on the external face. Similarly, stairs and platforms are included for access.